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One hundred years removed from the second Black Plague, America’s population concentrates in massive urban hubs, dependent on the corporation known as GenoSix to produce X-2, a serum engineered to suppress the plague by halting the aging process. Alcatraz guard Crixtian Donovan ignores the politics of it all. He’s content with working overtime for his wife’s next injection. But after she’s arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Crixtian discovers the truth behind America’s recovery.

The self-proclaimed “Curer of the Masses” President Sullivan holds court from Chicago. Sullivan’s regime uses X-2 as a tool to maintain his several-decades-long presidency and crush those who would challenge his rule. Many have tried. All have fallen. Yet murmurs of an uprising fester within the Fringe, one that involves a ghost from Crixtian’s past, a ghost that will cast him into the middle of a rebellion that will change the country forever.

With America on the brink of revolution, two men will navigate the fate of Sullivan’s tattered red, white, and blue. One will decide how to punish. The other must choose between self-preservation and embracing the revolution by forsaking his wife.


The Ghosts of My Lai

Coming April 20, 2017

Lieutenant Chris Williams and his platoon flee My Lai—the site of an unfathomable massacre during the Vietnam War—only to have their helicopter shot down over unchartered jungle. Disoriented and separated from the outside world, Williams faces the unenviable task of navigating the waylaid band of survivors to safety. But Vietnam has other plans…

Fear begins to trump logic. Specters of the assault call for them during the jungle nights. The escape mission descends in to mutiny as they discover an unknown threat unlike the Viet Cong hunts them from within the primitive environment.

Williams soon realizes that survival is not possible without first confronting the ghosts of My Lai…and the sins of their past.


The Lighthouse Keeper

Eleven-year-old Davey McCrary dreams of another life, one free from his alcoholic father’s abuse and the daily torment he suffers from middle school bullies. He finds solace in his mother’s old mythology book, especially the chapter about mermaids. The picture looks like his mom. If only he could see her again.
Dreams become reality when Davey hears her call from the abandoned lighthouse, the same structure she leapt from to end her life. After seeing his mother’s image within the waters from atop the lighthouse, Davey jumps in hopes of joining her, only to enter another world called The Nether where he meets the same fantastical creatures – the mermaid and the kraken – he read about in the mythology book.
He must assume the mantle of The Lighthouse Keeper and cross the Endless Ocean to battle the one being who would see the destruction of both worlds, an enigma called the Dark Guardian. But as he sails across the golden waters, he realizes his father’s shadow looms large over his passage. Now, he must confront his greatest fears or condemn the world around him to fall under the Dark Guardian’s power.


Dark Hallows II: Tales from the Witching Hour

With Dark Hallows, readers were taken to the very heart of Halloween.With Dark Hallows II: Tales from the Witching Hour, they are taken one step further, to the early-morning realm of the ‘Witching Hour,’ where black magic is said to be at its most potent, and the threshold between the living and the dead grows frightfully tenuous. Lovers of Halloween and ‘dark’ fiction, will relish in this collection of 13 chilling tales, which include all-new works from: Richard Chizmar, Lisa Morton, Sean Patrick Traver, Annie Neugebauer, Ronald Malfi, Brian Moreland, James Chambers, Stuart Keane, Joshua Rex, JC Braswell, M.L. Roos, A.P Sessler, and J.D. Horn, bestselling author of the ‘Witching Savannah’ series.



About JC Braswell

A fan of Lewis, Hemingway and Tolkien, JC Braswell writes in a few different genres, including Horror, Sci-Fi, and Young Adult.

He was born in 1977 in Baltimore and currently resides just south of the city with his wife and daughter.


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On the release of The Lighthouse Keeper

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December 14, 2012


War…war is hell, but they didn’t say anything about a damned plague. The whole damned base is desolate. Xs – the types I read about in history class – mark the barracks, the homes, the schools. Every building is a mausoleum. Every. One. I want to venture out to see if anyone else is alive, but I know the red haze would take me. Mike disappeared in that fog a week ago. It’s alive with the scent of death, a putrid smell that cakes the nostrils and tongue. That’s how they say it starts – the stench of your organs rotting from the inside.

Every cough constricts my throat, squeezing it together like a vice, pasted with the mucous gathering in the back of my throat. I panic each time, wondering if it would be my last, until I breathe the fetid air into my lungs. Then I know I have one more breath in me, one last chance to look down upon my little Emilia in her eternal sleep. – Journal Entry – Darren Wilson, year unknown



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